About Our SoulHoodies Family

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About Our SoulHoodies Family

Soulhoodies is a company that was created by two young black sisters who wanted to figure out a way to start saving money for their future. The idea of this company came to life while in quarantine, during the Covid-19 pandemic. We had to figure out a way to make money in a safe fashion and thought, let's start a t-shirt business! We immediately knew we wanted to create and sell pro-black apparel, and clothing that represented our colorful souls. We began this journey by learning basic graphic design techniques and how to navigate design programs. We put in months of effort and training to make certain that we produce the highest quality t-shirts, hoodies, masks, etc. Our hope for this company is to uplift people of color and to show that everyone has a loving soul within themselves. Being a black owned business, we make black power apparel in hopes to unite and empower our community. We have specific designs that focus on appreciating the melanin in our skin because we believe colorism is an issue world wide, that hopefully will die out one empowering t-shirt at a time. Every person of color deserves to feel beautiful in the skin they were born with, and not ashamed of it. In addition to the prints featured on our website,we also print custom designs for small businesses, individual clients,etc. We print on garments ranging from t-shirts, cotton art canvases, masks, etc. We ensure your custom orders are made exactly how you desire and delivered to your satisfaction. We are based out of San Diego, CA and ship anywhere in the U.S.

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